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The Cuyahoga Valley Chamber of Commerce

The Cuyahoga Valley Chamber of Commerce, one of the largest chambers in Northeast Ohio, represents six communities in the Cuyahoga Valley Region. We offer ample opportunities to build business-to-business relationships, champion business interests, and promote economic development in this area. Our members represent a diverse cross-section of the Cuyahoga Valley representing entrepreneurs, small business, large corporations, manufacturing, villages, cites, education, retail, banking, hospitality services and many more. They enjoy many benefits – events, programs and resources to help grow their companies as well as opportunities to enjoy group savings on healthcare insurance and workers compensation premiums. Through our membership in the Northeast Ohio Area Chamber of Commerce (NOACC) and the Collaborative Chamber Alliance (CCA), our members can connect with more than 35,000 businesses throughout Northeast Ohio.
Executive Director
April Acuna 
Executive Committee
Tom G Thacker II, President 
Oppenheimer & Co.

Nicholas Mazzone, Treasurer 
Card, Palmer, Sibbison & Co.

Nanette Cox, Secretary
Plant Masters, LLC
Board Members
David Lapierre

Maria Sivertson
The Down Syndrome Association of Northeast Ohio

Matt Thomson
Dollar Bank

Community Liaisons 
Mayor Mike Procuk, Village of Brooklyn Heights

Mayor Jack Bacci, Village of Cuyahoga Heights

Jessica Hyser, City of Independence

Mayor Richard Dell'Aquilla, City of Seven Hills

Mayor Jerry Piasecki, Village of Valley View

Mayor Don Kolograf, Village of Walton Hills
Tom Thacker, Chair
Nicholas Mazzone, Chair
Tom Thacker, Chair
Nanette Cox, Chair
Nanette Cox
Young Professionals
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